SyncFusion Library update

Added by Wil van Antwerpen almost 3 years ago

  • Fixed: when changing rows in the List it would trigger an onChangeCurrentRow event (it still does), but not load the database buffer for the new row. It does do that now. This is to closer match cWebList behavior.
  • Fixed: when the list is for a child table, the first row would not load the rowID for that row
  • Added ClearGrid method
  • Added LogConsole method, let's you write to the javascript console from DataFlex
  • Fix process pooling issue with pbGridConnected. This property with its code has been removed (was no longer used, but did cause issues)
  • Added sfWebList.js logConsole function, helpful for some debugging scenarios.
  • Property pbServerOnChangeCurrentRow replaced with pbServerChangingCurrentRow. This is now marked as a private property.
  • change Dashboard.wo, hide/show the toolbar
  • new Order.wo -> plain jane DAW order entry view for testing
  • changed OrderHeaderPopup.wo, removed save confirmation as it delayed saving until after the grid reload in the invoking view (weird)
  • new SyncFusionOrder.wo -> adapted DAW order entry view with SyncFusion List instead of DAW grid control (for testing and fixing a bug)
  • change SyncFusionOrderSwedish.wo -> onCloseModalPanel logic added for if a user makes changes in the headerpopup, removed UpdateList in the onShow, it should not be needed.
  • added moveToRow, MoveToRowByID methods with automatic scrolling
  • Fixed clear_all on a csfWebList when it is child table
  • Fixed the loading directly after a DD find to still load all data instead of the selected record (and skip loading relevant data)
  • Added WebResourceManager and file upload demo for easy testing to see if the stylesheet fix is correct.
  • Fix the broken pbVisible property for the column
  • css fix: fix the dropzone for a cWebFileUploadButton or a cWebFileUploadForm inside a cWebModalDialog

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