• COM Manifest Manager

    By Nils Svedmyr

    The program is intended for using COM components - like CodeJock - without the hassle of using Windows registry. COM components are normally vulnerable to uninstallation - or updates to another version - made by other applications. It is more hassle free to include such COM info into manifest files - or even into the executable itself! This technique is called Side-by-Side Assemblies in Microsoft terms....

  • cWindowsEx framework

    The cWindowsEx framework is a set of the WinAPI Classes and supplement tools.

  • dbImport

    By Bob Worsley

    DbImport is a new VDF wizard that will import data of multiple formats into DataFlex data files, or SQL if that's what you use. In addition, it will generate code for these formats that you can use for custom importing.

  • RegCheck2

    By Nils Svedmyr

    After a number of hints in my direction on when regcheck will support the newer OS's from Microsoft that have implemented SMB2 (think about Vista / Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 (R2) / Windows Server 2012 ) it might just be time for implementing this part....

  • StartProg

    A Replacement/Enhancement of the VDF Runprogram Command.

    By Bernhard Ponemayr

    Extra features of using StartProg over the VDF Runprogram are:

    • The ability to run an application as hidden
    • The possibility to customize this further
    • From the calling program you can determine if the action to try and run your application was succesfull (if a non zero value is returned)...
  • DfRefactor

    This project is the continuation of the Source Code Tools project which by itself is based on:

    • CleanMarkers
    • ReIndent
    • Unused Variables

    It groups them all together in one convenient package with a few additional perks, such as:...

  • NOVAX Database maintenance - open source version

    A general maintenance application for the native dataflex database.

  • Source Code Tools

    NOTE: This project was continued as dfRefactor
    We urge you to switch to dfRefactor instead

    This project is based on previous tools such as:

    • CleanMarkers
    • ReIndent
    • Unused Variables ...
  • STLViewer

    This project wraps the 3D STL viewer logic from the Delphi GLScene open source project as an activex.
    As a result you can now display 3D stereolithography objects in your DataFlex projects

    STLViewer screenshot 3D teapot...

  • The Database Update Framework

    DbUpdate Framework Logo

    The framework is a DataFlex code based framework for making automated database updates. It is designed to make it easy to migrate/update databases at customer site automatically when e.g. installing a new revision of a software that depends on changes have been made to the database before the new software version can run....

  • The Hammer

    A source code editor written in DataFlex.

    The Hammer 3.0 White Theme
    Sahara theme, scope lines enabled and an object selection popup
    The Hammer 3.0 Sahara Theme, scope lines enabled and object selector...

    • Hammer Screenshots

      This is a sub project for saving screenshots of The Hammer. I would have preferred to keep it hidden, but then it doesn't let you display the files.. You can view the screenshots in the files tab, or you can just read the documentation...

    • VDF Splat

      VDF Splat Logo A debugger for Visual DataFlex projects, started as a new process from The Hammer in order to be able to directly debug from your favorite editor.

      This project is still very much alfa stage, but promising....

  • vWin32fh Windows File Handling

    This is the new project page for the vWin32fh package so that it becomes a little easier to track changes.

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