This project is the continuation of the Source Code Tools project which by itself is based on:

  • CleanMarkers
  • ReIndent
  • Unused Variables

It groups them all together in one convenient package with a few additional perks, such as:

  • having options for registering the tool into your DataFlex Studio, for a 1-click interface to work on the file currently open in the Studio.
  • reads the indenting space preferences from your Studio setup
  • uses the scintilla code editor for displaying DataFlex source code
  • you can change the theme/skin
  • integration with Starzen's code source explorer

Some screenshots

Main screen:
DfRefactor Screenshot

The editor control in action:
DfRefactor Editor Screenshot

The main subversion repository can be found here:

Note that it depends on a few external libraries to compile. Normally your subversion client should pull in those external libraries automatically.

More information and a download link to an installer can be found at the RDCTools site:

There's also online Help you can look into.

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DfRefactor source only release
DfRefactor is the continuation of the "Source Code Tools" project and is continuing to improve. With DfRefactor you can use automation tools to improve your DataFlex source.
Added by Wil van Antwerpen about 5 years ago

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