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07:20 PM SyncFusion Library Bug #180 (New): Commenting out a column when using remember column logic breaks the list
If you comment out a column for testing then the view can show up blank afterwards.
This happens in our Swedish demo...
07:17 PM SyncFusion Library Bug #179 (New): Pdf export has some issues with date columns
If you have a date column in your data then sometimes the Pdf export does not work.
For example this is the case now...


03:32 PM SyncFusion Library Revision 10 (syncfusion): Adding installation notes
03:18 PM SyncFusion Library Bug #176: Export functionality does not work when grouped
The second workaround involves making changes to sfWebList.js, look for function onToolbarButtonClick and change from...
03:07 PM SyncFusion Library Bug #178 (New): Numeric data needs to be filled?
Reported on behalf of Albin:
We found something a little weird.
We noticed that you donĀ“t have to fill all colum...
03:06 PM SyncFusion Library Bug #177 (New): Reordered columns don't always come back on reopening view
When you reorder the columns in a webview and save/restore those columns like in the SyncFusionOrderSwedish.wo demo v...


02:42 PM SyncFusion Library
Update SF dist 18.3.35, new toolbar button functionality and some fixes
02:32 PM SyncFusion Library Revision 9 (syncfusion): Patch an issue for google Chrome, it has issues with onClick on the date...


11:26 AM SyncFusion Library Revision 8 (syncfusion): Adds the ability to create your own toolbar buttons and has events at th...
11:16 AM SyncFusion Library Bug #176 (New): Export functionality does not work when grouped
Albin reported to me that there's issues with the Pdf/Excel/Csv export when you the list has a group active.
The e...

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