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11:27 AM The Hammer Bug #163: Trouble with codepages
This can be fixed as follows:
In cSciLexer.pkg change the default value of property pbAnsiMode to false:
~~~ te...


05:51 PM DfRefactor Feature #164 (New): Possibility to save settings
Reported on behalf of Bengt:
There the indent and clean up parts have been put together and everything is done in ...
12:56 PM The Hammer Bug #163 (New): Trouble with codepages
Raveen reported that he has some trouble with editing code where he uses the OEM drawing characters to draw a screen....


10:59 PM DfRefactor Feature #162 (New): Rerun a ifelse refactoring with another refactoring choice
If you ran the ifelse refactoring option with a semi column and your code now looks like:
if (condition) ;


02:08 PM DfRefactor Bug #161: Reindent a nested case get indented wrong
As I cannot edit the report.
This was the result:
Is refactored to:
Procedure MyProcedure
Case Be...
02:05 PM DfRefactor Bug #161 (New): Reindent a nested case get indented wrong
Reported by Jose in forum thread:
11:40 AM DfRefactor Bug #160 (New): Multiple line code with variable type casting mistaken for variable declaration
Reported by Jose:
11:13 AM DfRefactor Bug #159 (New): Unused variables, variable that has a comma does not get recognized
I don't understand it as a bug.
Reported by Jose:
11:03 AM DfRefactor Bug #157: In to contains refactor option breaks insert command
Leon reports that you also have to take comments into account:
The above problem also exists in comment lines.


01:51 PM DfRefactor Bug #158 (New): Running a refactor over MSExcel can be really slow
On behalf of Ian Smith.
If your workspace includes com wrappers then running a refactoring process over the worksp...

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