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01:35 AM SyncFusion Library
DataFlex 23.0 support, chart controls updated with client side properties
01:30 AM SyncFusion Library Revision 31 (syncfusion): csfWebChart and csfWebAccumulationChart and their child classes now all...
You can now change settings after the charts have been drawn.


11:39 AM DfRefactor Feature #191 (New): Unused local variables & commented code
~~~ text
Procedure DoAsk
Integer iResponse
// Move (YesNo_Box("I ask if...", "", MB_DEFBUTTON2)) to iRe...
11:36 AM DfRefactor Feature #190 (New): Unused variables to also delete blank line
Suppose this fragment of code...
~~~ text
Procedure SayHello
String sVariable

Send Info_Box "He...
11:31 AM DfRefactor Bug #160: Multiple line code with variable type casting mistaken for variable declaration
See also:


12:34 PM SyncFusion Library DataFlex 23.0 compatibility
DataFlex 23.0 compatibility was added and a number of new controls.
Using SyncFusion version
The foll...
12:10 PM SyncFusion Library Wiki edit: CsfWebList (#1)
12:08 PM SyncFusion Library Wiki edit: CsfWebChart (#3)
12:06 PM SyncFusion Library Wiki edit: CsfWebCarousel (#2)
12:04 PM SyncFusion Library Wiki edit: CsfWebAccumulationChart (#4)

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