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01:25 AM The Hammer Revision 396 (hammer):, make the browse button work for DF20.0
cWorkspacePanel.pkg, fix the long standing bug where changing the DataFlex version in the workspace selector could ch...


04:39 PM The Hammer
Hammer4 UNSTABLE preview, see DF2020 forum for notes
04:35 PM The Hammer Revision 393 (hammer): Add suffix for 64 bit in order to prevent trouble when trying to compile w...
03:52 PM The Hammer Revision 392 (hammer): UTF8 files back to ANSI so that you can still compile and run with DF19.1 ...
02:57 PM The Hammer Revision 391 (hammer): On the very first run at a new machine the workspace view tried to recursi...
Patched the 64 bit crash in the TabControlShadow64.dll so re-enabled the functionality of cTabDialogShadow.pkg
01:57 AM The Hammer Revision 390 (hammer): First version of Hammer4 that compiles - and runss - under 64 bit.
Due to the LARGE number of changes The Hammer 4 should be considered pretty UNSTABLE now.


01:26 AM The Hammer Wiki edit: TH3-Installation (#6)
01:26 AM The Hammer Wiki edit: TH3-Installation (#5)
01:23 AM The Hammer Wiki edit: TH3-Installation (#4)


02:00 PM The Hammer Bug #167 (New): WebSet does not trigger object suggestion list
If you use a set and get to access a method or property of an object you will get an object suggestion list after typ...

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