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04:03 PM SyncFusion Library Revision 17 (syncfusion): csfWebList.pkg, deleting the last line in a list would trigger a record...
SyncFusionOrder.wo, added code to make the delete toolbar button work.


05:26 PM SyncFusion Library Revision 16 (syncfusion): Fixed DDO Syncing issues for onToolbarButtonClick
Added test case for that in SyncFusionOrder.wo


12:21 AM SyncFusion Library SyncFusion Library update
- Fixed: when changing rows in the List it would trigger an onChangeCurrentRow event (it still does), but not load
12:03 AM SyncFusion Library
Update, fixes, improved changerow behavior and parent child functionality
08:10 PM SyncFusion Library Revision 15 (syncfusion): Add fileUpload functionality for easy testing css fix for the dropzone.
sfWebList.js, add logConsole function, change onChangeCurrentRow event in ChangingCurrentRow event so that we can syn...


03:37 PM DfRefactor Bug #181 (New): Space in filename confuses parser
On behalf of Michael Mullan via discord channel
Use "PrintPackingLists3 Test.rv"
confuses the parser, it didn't r...


02:54 AM SyncFusion Library Revision 14 (syncfusion): "scroll to the top".. for MoveToRow and MoveToRowByID
01:26 AM SyncFusion Library Revision 13 (syncfusion): sfWebList.js, added moveToRow and MoveToRowByID functions. Fixed loadDa...
Dashboard.wo, hide/show the toolbar
Order.wo -> plain jane DAW order entry view for testing
OrderHeaderPopup.wo, remo...


03:49 PM SyncFusion Library Revision 12 (syncfusion): Fix the broken pbVisible property for the column
and also update application.css in the library folder as I forgot to sync (oops)
02:31 PM SyncFusion Library Revision 11 (syncfusion): fix the dropzone for a cWebFileUploadButton or a cWebFileUploadForm ins...

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