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09:15 AM cFileSystem Library Suggestion #186 (New): inconsistency regarding pbEOF property
inside package there is a note to not use pbEOF property anymore.. and use BinerayEndOfFile function instead.


01:51 PM DfRefactor Revision 27 (dep-cfilesystem): Solution for obsolete FileSize function so that we can get rid of ...
01:51 PM cFileSystem Library Revision 27 (cfilesystem): Solution for obsolete FileSize function so that we can get rid of the ...


12:29 AM DfRefactor Suggestion #185 (New): Comments at column 0 should not be indented
Reported by Marco:
Indenting of ‘root comments’
I think that root comments should never be indented, as these are...
12:26 AM DfRefactor Bug #184 (New): Don't change casing for struct members
Reported by Marco.
Struct members should not change case ever.
Btw, this is classified as a bug and not as a sugg...
12:23 AM DfRefactor Suggestion #183 (New): Indenting of use Statements to respect scope
Reported by Marco
Currently Use statements are by default always moved to column 0.
There are times when this mig...
12:17 AM DfRefactor Bug #182 (New): should be an exception
Reported by Marco on January 13, 2021
~~~ text
Was missed and moved...


12:21 AM SyncFusion Library SyncFusion Library update
- Fixed: when changing rows in the List it would trigger an onChangeCurrentRow event (it still does), but not load
12:03 AM SyncFusion Library
Update, fixes, improved changerow behavior and parent child functionality


03:37 PM DfRefactor Bug #181 (New): Space in filename confuses parser
On behalf of Michael Mullan via discord channel
Use "PrintPackingLists3 Test.rv"
confuses the parser, it didn't r...

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