By Bob Worsley

A customer of mine uses a systems guy who prefers that no one use commercial database tools on any server, development, test or production. This put a severe limitation on all of the users in that we were limited to using dbExplor for any ad hoc reporting with the data.

Not that dbExplor is limited, just that reporting data in SQL is much easier in most instances by using SQL tools. To get around this problem, SQLQueries was created and the customer has kindly provided permission to pass this along to the DataFlex community.

What does it do? Only SQL queries. You cannot do inserts, updates, deletes or alter the database itself in any way. Often used queries can be saved and reused and query output can be exported.

The original version was written strictly for the customer’s Postgres database. It has now been expanded to work with both the DAW and Mertech drivers. Several different databases can be used with it, MSSQL, ODBC, MySQL and the original Postgres. Others will be added as the need arises.

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