New wrapper for Toast control

This release adds a new wrapper for the toast control.
Added by Wil van Antwerpen 5 months ago

  • New wrapper for Toast control, csfWebToast (Thanks AndrĂ¡s!)
  • csfWebCarousel datastructure now also has fields for sCustomerId and sPath, those are userdefined and can be set via AddImage (no breakage on old API)
  • csfWebCarousel has fixes to better deal when deleting images from the carousel. In particular when deleting the last image from the carousel.
  • csfWebAccumulationChart now also has support for the new csfWebChartTooltip tooltip class.

- SyncFusion updated to version 23.1.39
- LineChart now supports loading adding dynamic data via LoadPoints
- Added example for using DynamicContainer object and LineChart demo
- Added csfWebChartTooltip class
- Improved RTE support in regards to pbChanged which fixes issues with detecting when changes happen.
- Dropped DataFlex 19.1 support