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Reindent comment, if not space before then please do not indent

Added by Wil van Antwerpen over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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On behalf of Marco28 at discord chat
Hi Wil
The // indent is exact as I asked and most of the time perfect. Just one exception would be good. If it was not indented then leave alone. But when even only one space or tab is before the // at the front then replace with the correct indent. Is that possible?

@Wil the reason of the two // is the ctrl/ commenting of code vs the documentation of code. Once indented you cannot do the Ctrl/ to indent. However if there is a choice then I prefer to have the indented comments. Perhaps a flag for ‘reindent comments’ which would leave them alone if not selected irrespective of the start position.


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The reindent request "don't indent on comment lines at column 0" is implemented and can be controlled by property pbReindentStudioCommentOut ... I'm not sure that I will keep that property set to true. Don't really like it much. If you run the reindenter over code then normally you are at least going to check the code in. At that stage I think it is usually best to get rid of commented out code. If you want to keep it then it probably isn't a very big deal if it is indented

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