From 08/02/2015 to 05/27/2016


06:35 PM Revision 52 (vdfsplat): DataFlex 18.2 support
Wil van Antwerpen


07:13 PM Revision 51 (vdfsplat): cReadOnlyCheckbox.pkg had a problem displaying correct value if got the f...
Variety of fixes on the ObjectInspector.dg:
- better detection on datadictionary objects
- added non DEO support
- if...
Wil van Antwerpen


11:13 PM Revision 50 (vdfsplat): Display Foreign field options in a more traditional way
Another tablename fix for pre DF18, this time at DEO object level. Wil van Antwerpen
10:16 PM Revision 49 (vdfsplat): Always enable source file open.
Foreign_field options was broken for vdf14.1 and earlier.
TableName was broken for anything earlier as DF18.0
Wil van Antwerpen


09:38 PM Revision 48 (vdfsplat): Added a very quick foreign field options tab (need to test something)
Wil van Antwerpen
09:00 PM Revision 47 (vdfsplat): better icon when debugger is running under a debugger (includes the bug b...
Wil van Antwerpen


09:54 PM Revision 46 (vdfsplat): Found codemax sometimes numbers lines and columns from 0 instead of 1.
This could trigger a 1-off error when setting breakpoints and as a result the breakpoint would not stop where it was ... Wil van Antwerpen


11:16 PM Revision 45 (vdfsplat): DD view, start on foreign field options.
Wil van Antwerpen
11:14 PM Revision 44 (vdfsplat): Adding a Q to the FAQ
Wil van Antwerpen


09:35 PM Revision 43 (vdfsplat): Change Splat application icon when running under a debugger (running spla...
Update breakpoints grid immediately, enable/disable breakpoints, context menu under breakpoints grid. Wil van Antwerpen


04:32 PM Revision 42 (vdfsplat): Improving QuickInfo and evaluating properties
Wil van Antwerpen


07:42 PM Revision 41 (vdfsplat): Had removed activex support by accident. Restored plus added IsComObjectC...
Datadictionaries no longer report the wrong windowsclass. Wil van Antwerpen
10:59 AM Revision 40 (vdfsplat): Added relationship parents/childs for DD view
Wil van Antwerpen


12:19 AM Revision 39 (vdfsplat): Moving stuff around in DD view part.
Wil van Antwerpen
10:40 PM Revision 38 (vdfsplat): cDebuggerEngine.pkg, add source line to breakpoint, if debug was started ...
ObjectInspector.pkg, first draft of DD viewer.
Application caption now has debugged binary name, statushelp has edite...
Wil van Antwerpen
02:23 PM Revision 37 (vdfsplat): VdfSplat.src, change notification on set/remove breakpoints to only notif...
vdfdbg.vw, change width of columns on callstack, reload breakpoint grid on switching tab page to breakpoints.
Wil van Antwerpen


08:56 PM Revision 36 (vdfsplat)
Wil van Antwerpen
02:55 PM Revision 35 (vdfsplat): Basic commandline parameter support
-x "/path/to/<workspace.sws>"
-f "/path/to/<executable.exe>"
Wil van Antwerpen


11:54 AM Revision 34 (vdfsplat): Display a bit more details in ObjectInspector.pkg
Wil van Antwerpen


08:24 PM Revision 33 (vdfsplat): DD details was missing on field options, added. Missed last field, added ...
Wil van Antwerpen
11:31 AM Revision 32 (vdfsplat): ObjectInspector.pkg initial datadictionary view
Wil van Antwerpen


11:21 PM Revision 31 (vdfsplat): Removed disabled icons as they messed up embedding images in the binary. ...
Wil van Antwerpen
09:41 PM Revision 30 (vdfsplat): ObjectInspector.pkg, fix if object is not main DD
Wil van Antwerpen
07:21 PM Revision 29 (vdfsplat): cProgramObjects.pkg, huge performance gain by enumerating the objects in ...
ObjectInspector.pkg, is getting a bit smarter Wil van Antwerpen
11:06 AM Revision 28 (vdfsplat): Only add breakpoint to BP array if not already in there.
Wil van Antwerpen


06:55 PM Revision 27 (vdfsplat): currentline fix for when editor did not have the focus yet.
Variable evaluation on hover on breakpoints and step mode. Wil van Antwerpen
12:30 PM Revision 26 (vdfsplat): Improving wording on FAQ
Wil van Antwerpen
12:21 PM Revision 25 (vdfsplat): Fixes in the ObjectInspector.pkg
Adding control name for activex progid
Open source files within debug project.
Wil van Antwerpen


12:39 AM Revision 24 (vdfsplat): statusbar add line number, small fixes
Wil van Antwerpen
06:14 PM Revision 23 (vdfsplat): Saving breakpoints wasn't working as the debuggee filename set cleared be...
The focus issues with the debugger tool views in the tabdialog are now fixed by putting them into containers. Wil van Antwerpen


10:38 PM Revision 22 (vdfsplat): Removed a few folders we're not using and added a few Studio required fil...
Fixed some issues on the object inspector and added a few missing images. Wil van Antwerpen
05:04 PM Revision 21 (vdfsplat): missing toolbar objects for breakpoints
Wil van Antwerpen
04:52 PM Revision 20 (vdfsplat): Adding breakpoint logic, fixing some issues on the ObjectInspector
Wil van Antwerpen
03:45 PM Revision 19 (vdfsplat): Adding object inspector, invoke with Ctrl+Q when debuggee program is paused.
Wil van Antwerpen
01:22 PM Revision 18 (vdfsplat): Bit more fumbling with size/location to make it look better
Wil van Antwerpen
01:03 PM Revision 17 (vdfsplat): Fixing some resizing issues and adding splitter containers to the main de...
Wil van Antwerpen


10:15 PM Revision 16 (vdfsplat): Initial DF18.1 support
Wil van Antwerpen

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