Hammer 4 beta 3

DF 24 support. Adds a status bar pane to show and change the text encoding of the current file.
Added by Wil van Antwerpen 6 months ago

DataFlex 2024 support
Improved multiline string support in the lexer DLL, better handling of embedded double quotes, better handling of unclosed strings.
Fixed runtime error on saving new file.
Fixed the statusbar INS/OVR pane to show the current caret overtype mode.
Added a new statusbar pane to show the current file's text encoding (UTF8/ANSI/OEM)
Reindent logic, don't re-indent multiline strings, instead leave those alone and don't touch them.
Clicking the text encoding pane in the statusbar now opens a panel that allows you to change the text encoding for the current file.
You can switch between OEM/ANSI and UTF8 and it will apply the change immediately.
You can choose to convert the text itself from one encoding to the other as well, this is optional.