Hammer 4 Beta 2

Lots of fixes in the OEM/UTF8 arena :)
Added by Wil van Antwerpen 7 months ago

Hammer 4 beta 2 release

We're happy to release Hammer 4 beta 2.
This release has a significant amount of changes and fixes in the UTF8/OEM arena.
Most of those had been found by Nils (thanks Nils)

New is also multiline string support
When compiling Hammer4 from source -from now on- you need to use at least DataFlex 20.0. It is -ofcourse- no problem to use Hammer4 for older versions of DataFlex. We also highly recommend you use 64 bit (in fact we now trigger a warning if you compiled in 32 bit as it happened to often that we started the hammer in another bitness version as that we compiled in...)
The about screen now has the bitness that The Hammer was compiled for.
The parser DLLs have been updated for Delphi source code to handle constructors/destructors
The icon is no longer transparent, so it's been "fixed".
Improved the FileFind parser to handle files with mixed line endings (CR vs CR/LF vs LF)
New scintilla DLLs to handle Enumeration_List/End_Enumeration_List code folding points (thanks Nils)
For UTF8 files the Hammer will now detect that the file has a BOM and if it does then the file will switch to UTF8 even if the default setting is set as OEM or ANSI.