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12:56 PM The Hammer Revision 218 (hammer): Internationalisation (i18n) support, translate the whole UI interface on t...
See *.LNG files under Programs folder. LNG name must be in English. Code pages at the top are not used so far, but mo...


11:19 AM The Hammer Revision 201 (hammer): Code Explorer menu has been re-designed
Fix applied on FF tab (it did not allow to close/remove tab in case no results given).
Amendments to the TH3 About di...


04:28 PM The Hammer Revision 199 (hammer): Reload Tools Pane on change of workspace
Add lime theme, set colors for preprocessor #command's


01:02 PM The Hammer Revision 197 (hammer): Transfer file logic implemented.
About dialog redesigned.
Work on tools palette to be updated on workspace change (work in progress)
Reload last edite...


02:55 PM The Hammer Bug #65 (Resolved): TH3 does not show currently edited file name (including path) anywhere, excep...
It now shows edited fil name in the TH caption bar, updating it as required.
02:54 PM The Hammer Bug #65 (Closed): TH3 does not show currently edited file name (including path) anywhere, except ...
*Wil*: In TH2 you get the full name of the file including path you are editing in the caption bar. However I’d still ...
02:50 PM The Hammer Feature #26 (Resolved): Workspace needs more as 10 projects
It should not be an issue anymore. List of workspaces were placed under INI file and Max Number option provided (=15 ...
02:48 PM The Hammer Bug #15 (Resolved): Starting Hammer comes up with another view as when closed
Should be fixed. Now, on TH re-opening, current Editor view set to the last edited view before it was closed.


01:06 PM The Hammer Bug #61 (Closed): Unwanted characters on Select keyword from CodeList
When you select suggested keyword from codelist (eg. "Open"), it inserts some extra characters into the Editor eg. ex...
01:05 PM The Hammer Bug #60 (New): Sub-codelist (File Names) on some db-related commands
When you type OPEN, CLEAR, RELATE, REREAD, ATTACH, SAVE, SAVERECORD commands and select from commands codelist, it sh...

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