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This project is dedicated to the VDF class library to assist linking the Spellchecker from PolarSoftware to VDF text objects.

It requires a license purchased for the Spellchecker, but the library can be downloaded free from this site. The spellchecker pricing at time of typing this is USD 99 per developer. Distribution is royalty free. Their website is "here":

This project was created after several VDF developers have been using this component for a while. The forum's first mention is by Mike Cooper in November 2007. It seems to be implemented to a VDF version even as early as VDF7. Developers showing interest on the forum are Crissy Bell, Seanyboy. Other users (taken from forum comments are: Dittmar Stiebitz 'Ditte', HenryEgal)

Reported compatibility issues
* Elusiva's Terminal Server Pro (Reported by Mike Cooper 13 Dec 2010)
* Skins (Reported by HenryEgal 15 Mrt 2013 "Link":
* Context menu (RClick on underlined word) is no always adding the extra options.
* Windows 2003 server with Citrix and the App hangs when I try to CheckTextControl (pull up prompt with suggestions) (HenryEgal 9 Jul 2011 "link":
* Using cCJCommandBarSystem AND Keeping multiple views with Text objects open where the spell check switches from one to the other. (Ditte)

Wila has worked with Ditte in resolving the compatibility issues between CodeJock and Polar Spellcheck.