Supported programming languages

The main focus of The Hammer 3.0 is on the DataFlex programming language.

I take it that that's not really a surprise.
But we do support quite a few more programming languages thanks to the choice of editor control (scintilla).

Currently supported are:

  • DataFlex (all versions)
  • Javascript 1
  • Html 1
  • SQL 1
  • Pascal (delphi/freepascal style) 1
  • Swift 1
  • C# 1
  • C++ 1
  • Java 1
  • Go 1

1 The Hammer will ask to create a default language definition on first use.

When the default language definition is loaded it will offer syntax coloring for the supported languages.

For DataFlex as well as Pascal it will also support the code explorer for easy navigation in the source.