The first thing you might ask yourself is why did we write The Hammer 3.0 and what is new in comparison to The Hammer 2.0?

Why did we write The Hammer 3.0?

After a chat between Wil van Antwerpen and Sergey Natarov we found out that we both still used The Hammer for much of our daily programming requirements. This was 13 years after the last release, so apparently it served us well over the time.
Certainly spending a bit of time on working on a more current version is time well invested.

What is new?

The codemax editor has been completely replaced by the scintilla code editor.

This editor is under constant development and is used by other popular source code editors such as Notepad++

New features are:

  • code collapse
  • color schemes
  • function complete
  • support for current versions of DataFlex and usages of libraries
  • easy integration with Data Access their developer tools
  • support for all older versions of DataFlex
  • special refactoring features