It pretty much is unzip, register in a DataFlex Studio (DF18.1 to DF19.1), compile and run. (1)

The latest download can be found here:

There's also a subversion repository which holds the development version and will contain the latest fixes.
The Subversion repository for The Hammer3 is:
This branch is he stable branch and will still get fixes and patches for as long as The Hammer 4.0 is not released as stable.

The trunk of the Hammer subversion repository ( ) is considered unstable and contains the current development source for The Hammer 4.0.

If you had an older setup of The Hammer 2.x then we recommecd strongly to unzip in a new folder as otherwise your settings are going to be wrong and you might end up compiling the wrong files as files have moved.

Note on compiling with DataFlex 19.1, there's a lot of warnings due to the new warning checker in the compiler. This will not be resolved in The Hammer 3.0 as this is one of The Hammer 4.0 goals (among others)

(1) As it is, for the moment you will have to have a DataFlex runtime pre-installed in order to be able to run The Hammer. We are hoping to be able to offer an installer later that takes care of this dependency for non DataFlex users, if we can get Data Access to sponsor a runtime for this purpose that is.

Reset the settings

The default settings are available in the program's folder in a file called "CODEMAXEDIT.INI"

Yep, it's a legacy name, but still used.

Your settings are saved in the data folder of the Hammer workspace in a file "CODEMAXEDIT.INI"

So if your windows username is "Paul" then the settings are saved in "CODEMAXEDITpaul.INI"

If you have a need to reset your settings then rename the "CODEMAXEDIT.INI" file.