From 05/17/2019 to 03/11/2020


02:01 PM Bug #170 (New): Array properties tooltip value evaluation
Bob reports here:
Wil van Antwerpen
01:59 PM dfSplat first preview release
As presented at DISD 2020, there is a new debugger in town.
dfSplat is now available as an initial preview release.
Wil van Antwerpen


07:58 PM
DfSplat Preview 1 release Wil van Antwerpen
07:53 PM Revision 120 (dfsplat): More regional region fixes on the expression evaluator part.
Disabled Breakpoint Studio export (for now), it needs more testing
vdfdbg.vw, resized the global variables area as it...
Wil van Antwerpen


03:05 PM Revision 119 (dfsplat): Internationalisation issues caused parameters like field_current_Value(29...
In the middle of my presentation at DISD, which as a result caused it to me not being able to display some major func... Wil van Antwerpen


07:26 PM Revision 118 (dfsplat): Busytimer on 45ms against hang during autostep.
Wil van Antwerpen
06:27 PM Revision 117 (dfsplat): Fix Studio breakpoint import/export 1 by off error
Wil van Antwerpen
07:06 AM Revision 116 (dfsplat): Breakpoint file management idea implemented.
Not tested.. it compiles no idea if it works (Hi Dave R.), but will find out if it is presentable at DISD tomorrow. Wil van Antwerpen
01:34 AM Revision 115 (dfsplat): struct tBreakpoints renamed to tBreakPoint instead
Start on extra file management capabilities for breakpoints. Wil van Antwerpen


11:20 PM Revision 114 (dfsplat): seems we also need open and save breakpoint icons
Wil van Antwerpen
09:53 PM Revision 113 (dfsplat): breakpoint import/export icons
Wil van Antwerpen


02:03 AM Revision 112 (dfsplat): Adds object inspector for one dialog instead of whole program (a lot faster)
Added a bunch of DataFlex classes to be recognized to the list.
Added option to hide DfSplat in the Object Inspector,...
Wil van Antwerpen


02:04 AM Revision 111 (dfsplat): cProgramObjects.pkg, ObjectInspector.dg, adding logic to identify object ...
cSplatScintilla.pkg, tooltip linefeed fix Wil van Antwerpen


05:25 PM Revision 110 (dfsplat)
Wil van Antwerpen


01:25 AM Revision 109 (dfsplat): Reversed logic on displaying app and source. Source is now displayed in c...
Status bar now displays 1 based line instead of 0 based and added column position. Wil van Antwerpen


03:15 PM Revision 106 (dfsplat): Fix command line interface for when you want to run directly from the Ham...
Wil van Antwerpen


01:43 AM Revision 105 (dfsplat): Adding "Goto Instruction", "Set Next Instruction" and "Run to Line".
Wil van Antwerpen


01:16 PM Revision 104 (dfsplat): Forgot to check-in some icons
Wil van Antwerpen
12:13 PM Revision 102 (dfsplat): Resize icons, new icons for breakpoints.
Enable/disable breakpoint menu items in the toolbar. Add breakpoint condition dialog and logic.
Fix restart app logic...
Wil van Antwerpen


05:12 PM Revision 101 (dfsplat): AttachProcess.dg, moved API wrapper for getting processname to cDebuggerE...
cDebugCJMenuItemClasses.pkg, added menu item for detach (doesn't work.. sigh)
cDebuggerEngine.pkg, added logic to sto...
Wil van Antwerpen


12:45 AM Revision 100 (dfsplat): As there's a risk that the quick info tooltip alters the state of the deb...
If there was a state change, then the DfSplat will let you know what changed. Wil van Antwerpen


03:03 PM Revision 98 (dfsplat): Addresses a crash when autostep stops if in profiling mode.
Wil van Antwerpen


01:01 AM Revision 97 (dfsplat): Oops, broke the build
Wil van Antwerpen


12:34 AM Revision 96 (dfsplat): Taking autostep logic out of the continue/resume button. It makes a lot mo...
Single step now supports profiling and prints the results via annotations in between the source. (version 1) Wil van Antwerpen
03:00 PM Revision 95 (dfsplat): Reconsidered how autostep should work from UX pov. and refactored code acc...
Wil van Antwerpen


01:29 PM Revision 93 (dfsplat): Attach process now behaves properly.
This adds a refresh button to the dialog and loads the breakpoints file on attaching. Wil van Antwerpen
02:12 AM Revision 92 (dfsplat): Attach to process is now functional.
Wil van Antwerpen


02:49 PM Revision 91 (dfsplat): Rename to dfSplat (removing the "vdf"prefix)
Adding logic to detect the currently installed versions of DataFlex so we can offer the correct DataFlex versions in ... Wil van Antwerpen


02:07 AM Revision 87 (dfsplat): VdfSplat.src, fixed DataFlex runtime version in statusbar to properly show...
cDebugCJMenuItemClasses.pkg, new icon for Watchpoint feature, made the icon to use checked style for when an expressi... Wil van Antwerpen


09:43 PM Revision 86 (dfsplat): enable/disable tracing
Wil van Antwerpen


11:49 PM Revision 85 (dfsplat): Use a High Precision timer for the profiler.
Use a normal timer on 1ms instead of the Idle Timer Wil van Antwerpen
02:20 PM Revision 84 (dfsplat): More profiling code
Wil van Antwerpen


05:20 PM Revision 83 (dfsplat): Rework the watchpoint logic to also accommodate for a profiler.
Wil van Antwerpen


03:21 PM Revision 82 (dfsplat): Cleans up the watchpoint logic a bit
Wil van Antwerpen


02:47 AM Revision 81 (dfsplat): Attempts to further improve and stabilize the watchpoint feature.
Wil van Antwerpen


01:41 PM Revision 80 (dfsplat): Watchpoint breakpoint via single step mode sort of works, but will need a ...
Wil van Antwerpen


01:12 AM Revision 79 (dfsplat): Tweak sizes on columns of stack and variables windows.
Tweak sizes of splitters etc..
QuickInfo temporarily turns off breakpoints to avoid bumping into a breakpoint when ev...
Wil van Antwerpen


11:58 AM Revision 78 (dfsplat): Add margin click support for setting/removing breakpoints.
Navigating in files now retains the current line pointer while in pause mode. Wil van Antwerpen


04:54 PM Revision 77 (dfsplat): Fix scintilla logic for displaying the breakpoint marker.
Changed the current line marker to use its own marker and not overload the bookmark one. Wil van Antwerpen


08:15 PM Revision 76 (dfsplat): working on the quickinfo stuff, less verbose is better, but can still get ...
Added support for complex data types. Wil van Antwerpen


09:55 PM Revision 75 (dfsplat): Quickinfo re-introduced, but not with our scintilla component.
This makes the language keyword logic in the debugger redundant. Wil van Antwerpen


06:56 PM Revision 74 (dfsplat): Track the active line we are debugging in piPauseDebugLine and display it ...
Optimize DoOpenSourceFileAtLine to no longer re-open and reload the file when already in the editor buffer.
Debug fil...
Wil van Antwerpen


08:25 PM Revision 73 (dfsplat): Merge with VdfSplat3 bringing in the things I added/patched down there ove...
Wil van Antwerpen
08:02 PM Revision 71 (dfsplat): Switch to scintilla works (first test at least)
Wil van Antwerpen
07:51 PM Revision 70 (dfsplat): Some minor config changes
Wil van Antwerpen


01:59 AM Revision 57 (dfsplat): Removing codemax...
Compiles, but is completely broken. Wil van Antwerpen

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